Your Aus-Steel shed is designed and engineered to meet all local authority
requirements and to withstand even cyclonic force winds.
All cladding is fixed with self tapping tek screws. Fast and strong, each screw
seals against weather.
You have the choice of sliding, roller, personal and/or sliding glass doors - fixed
sliding or louvre windows. You decide where you want them positioned.
Natural, even lighting is easy in even the largest shed with heavy duty industrial
strength skylights in the roof and/or walls.
Provide the finishing touch to your Aus-Steel building with a clean smart eave
All welded frames of your Aus-Steel fabricated building range are manufactured
from high tensile 450MPA steel with a high quality zinc coating to provide a long
life and strength in all weather conditions.
Aus-Steel offers cstomers only premium quality cladding to aesthetically
enhance their building with a large range of decorator colours. We use only the
reputable suppliers offering the most comprehensive warranty available giving
you only total peace of mind and satisfaction.
Visit your nearest Aus-Steel display centre and you'll be amazed at the wide
range of sheds and garages available.You'll also be delighted with the help and
advice offered, we want you to be another happy Aus-Steel owner.
It's over 30 years since Aus-Steel was established. During this time Aus-Steel
has remained in the forefront with innovative design changes and cost effective
use of materials.
Aus-Steel uses mass production purlin and fabricated frame building systems
with plastic wrapping, free delivery to many areas and industry standard quality
control procedures. This allows us to offer to you, our customers, the largest
range of buildings in the industry at very competitive prices, securely delivered.
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Aus-Steel's offer of high quality buildings that represent "value for money" has
given us the edge in exporting both our purlin frame and fabricated product.
Aus-Steel seeks to be competitive and fairly priced at all times, however quality
is always reflected in the price. You will appreciate the durability and strength of
your product long after you've forgotten the price. A quick call will certainly
confirm our position offering 'value for money' steel building systems, and a
quoted price influenced by volume purchasing assures clients the best possible
price for a product.
For over 30 years the team at Aus-Steel has been making steel buildings to
withstand the worst cyclonic conditions. This experience together with a
commitment to leading edge technology and automated manufacturing using
only the unmatched quality and strength of premium grade steel, provides a
building that's made to last a lifetime.
Aus-Steel is justifiably proud of its product lineup combined with their reseller's
magnificent display centres. We're always happy to show you our latest
manufacturing techniques as well as our comprehensive displays constructed
Our display centres are designed to give you the opportunity to look and
compare the features of genuine Aus-Steel engineered products at your leisure
and convenience.
Why Buy An Aus-Steel Building?